Adult Education

Adult Education at Congregation Shir Shalom

Ongoing Programs

Torah Study
Saturday Mornings, 9:00 AM

Join us as we study of the later books of the Bible.

Saturday Morning Services
Saturday Mornings, 11:30 AM

Join the Shabbat Morning Service for the weekly study of the Torah portion.

Sisterhood Bible Study
Wednesdays, 11:30 AM, CSS Library

Bring your own brown bag lunch.  Bible Study begins at noon.

Women’s Torah Study
Thursdays, 10:30 AM, Weinberg Campus

Forest Creek Game Room.  Meets every Thursday, except the third Thursday of the month.

Men’s Group Sunday Morning Discussions
Sundays, Monthly 9:15 AM—11:00 AM (Check the Event Calendar for more info)

Bagels, lox, and cream cheese & coffee provided.

September 17th

Catching Sunlight: Photography of our Neighborhood

Star from a Backyard in Downtown Buffalo-

Alan Friedman

October 15th

Edgar Award winning mystery writer Gary Earl Ross

November 19th

Travels to Exotic Places -Alan Gellin

December 3rd

Tips for Buying or Selling Your House-Diane Safir


Special Events Coming Up


09.14.17 “What Should We Tell Our Kids About What’s Happening in the World Today?”


The topic of discussion will be age appropriate

responses to recent anti-Semitic and anti-racial

property defacing and concerns regarding negative

trends in our country. Presenters will be Darci Cramer,

Ph. D., Marriage and Family Therapist and Ronna

Glickman, Family and Consumer Science Teacher at

Casey and Mill Middle Schools.



Rabbi Alex & Cantor Frank will discuss their

perspectives on getting our hearts, minds and lives

ready for this most important time of year.



will be featured and recognized for all they do on

behalf of the Jewish community. The festive Oneg

Shabbat will be sponsored by them.



Our Festival of Lights will be turned into a Festival of

Light Sabers. In keeping with the new Star Wars

movie, dress up in costume and meet characters from

the film. Enjoy traditional Hanukkah songs and

activities as well.


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