Chesed Program

The word “Chesed” means mercy and loving kindness. At Shir Shalom we show that by providing meals for families during times of great stress or joy. A fresh meal is delivered by volunteers when a member or close relative of a family member has just come home from the hospital, when a family is observing Shivah, or when a baby is born. We also provide meals when someone has a long term illness. The money for these meals is totally supported by donations from members.

If you are interested in joining our volunteer delivery team, you can contact Adrienne Crandall @ 875-7061 or email her at : Adrienne Crandall.

If you know of someone connected to temple who is in need of a meal, please call either Renee Klein at   691-7467 or email her at:   Renee Klein or the temple office at 633-8877.