From the Religious School Director

The mitzvahs taking place in our school are truly inspirational! I am so proud of our students and their families. Together, great things are happening in our building.

In January, on MLK Day (a school holiday), Shir Shalom had a joint service program with Calvary Episcopal Church. Students and parents from both congregations collected school supplies. Together, we packed close to 60 back packs that were donated to Journey’s End to help refugee children. The program included information about refugee children in a way students could understand, the importance of giving back to the community, a short prayer service honoring MLK and community collaboration and lunch.

Another meaningful program was initiated by Alexa Zappia. Alexa is a former Religious School student who has returned as a volunteer and Religious School Intern. Alexa taught lessons to grades K – 7 on chesed (kindness) and started a year-long learning initiative focusing on respect for self and valuing individual differences. You will be hearing more about Alexa and this project throughout the upcoming months.

Isaac Bluestein, a 7th grader, traveled to Israel with his family for his Bar Mitzvah. For his Bar Mitzvah project, he chose to work with “A Package From Home,” an Israeli organization that supports combat soldiers without families in the area. After giving a truly inspirational presentation to the school, he collected supplies for the soldiers. He and his family brought two suitcases full of useful items to the soldiers. These are just a few of the wonderful activities taking place on a regular basis.


Hope Bongiorno