Parent Interest Form

We have lots of activities planned for the new school year, but we cannot make it happen without your
help. While we realize how busy you are in your secular life, show your children how supportive you are of
their religious education by being a part of it with them. Your time commitment can be as much as you
would like it to be.

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Class Room Parent
Organize classroom events under teacher direction, organize emergency
phone tree closing calls, and any other needed communication. Chaperone
field trips. Attend Sunday Parent Council meetings once a month during
Religious School.


Holiday Celebrations
Parents work together as a group to provide Holiday celebrations for our
students such as Hanukkah, Passover, Purim, Tu B’shevat and others, during
Religious School.

Parent to take pictures at Religious School events
and possibly submit accompanying articles to local newspapers.

Fund Raiser
Research and determine future fundraising projects.

Parents as Reading Partners
Listen to children practice reading Hebrew.
Read to a group of young children at one of our story times.

Call Me If You Need Me

Hesitant to commit to any committee? If you check “yes”, we may contact
you for any committee to see if you are available at that time. The Congregation Shir Shalom Parent Council would like to give everyone the opportunity to help in whatever way they possibly can. If there are any services or skills you can
offer and/or are only available at certain times, please let us know. There are a lot of parents who have very special talents and we would appreciate your help.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this Committee Sign-up Form. If you have any
questions, please contact Micky Farber at 689-2206/ or Betsy
Zappia at 636-5573/ Your help is greatly appreciated!