President’s Message

Dear Fellow Congregants,

Can you believe Shir Shalom is now 5 years old. Every year there seems to be many changes. I believe that is a good thing. In our daily lives we always want to make changes to better ourselves, or make a better situation for our families. Here at Shir Shalom we are doing the same thing. Rosh Hashana is the start of the Jewish New Year. Two big changes have occurred already. One change occurred in our religious school where Temple Beth Tzedek’s Gesher religious school children joined our school. This is very significant, because it shows the whole Jewish community that two temples, one Conservative and one Reform/Reconstructionist can work together. It’s very exciting to watch so many children walk thru those doors and seeing our classrooms filled. Our Parent Council has told me six new parents have joined their committee and hopefully, over time, both youth groups will create programing together.

Last year I stood right here, on this bimah, and told you the biggest change will be next year, when we hopefully have a new cantor, due to the retirement of Cantor Colbert. Well that happened. Her name is Cantor Arlene Frank. For many of you this is the first time you have seen, or heard, Cantor Frank. For some of you who only come twice a year, you might have walked thru those doors and said to yourself, “Wow we have a new cantor.”   Cantor Frank started July 1 and has been a big hit. She has brought a new spirit to Shir Shalom. Her up-tempo singing and music has everyone tapping their feet and singing along. You will always leave services with a smile on your face, and a good feeling in your heart.

If you like her music style, and you want to be part of the new energy she brings to Shir Shalom, Cantor Frank invites any person interested in contributing, on any level, to our musical programs. Whether through playing instruments, sharing your voice, in both, the adult choir, or the children’s choir, you are all welcome. She also wants me to tell you that there are even opportunities in music prep and helping organize services through the music committee. By the way the best is still yet to come. If you came to services over the summer you would have noticed a small band starting. Cantor Frank’s husband Mike is very talented, and accompanies Cantor Frank during services. Well that started to grow and now they have added Chris Cohan and Gunilla Kester to their group. One of Cantor Frank’s goals here at Shir Shalom is to form a band. So if you play an any instrument, and want to help bring more music to our services please contact Cantor Frank. Wouldn’t it be great to have our own band entertaining us during services, or perform concerts throughout the year? It will happen, however, it will be up to you. So please contact Cantor Frank if you are interested in performing.

Yes, this is our 5th year. There have been many good changes during those five years. This is a new era. We have a new, and exciting addition to our clergy team. Our religious school is thriving. This is the temple to belong too. So, as we start our Jewish New Year, make it a point to come to services more. Maybe join a committee. Attend an event. Become a volunteer. I promise you, your life will be more fulfilled getting more involved in your temple.

Thank you and l’Shanah Tova

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